Flexible International Services

Willems Schmidt Advocaten & Rechtsanwälte is a globally-minded law firm that focuses on international and cross-border trade and enterprises.

The Netherlands is a perfect example of a trading nation. Importing and exporting goods and services have always played a major role in the country’s economy. But numerous facets of law arise when trading (especially in cross-border transactions). They include contract law, corporate law, goods law and insolvency law. Unlawful acts, intellectual property law and administrative law are other important considerations when engaging in business, especially as a commercial enterprise. Other matters that cannot be underestimated when trading internationally are the culture and local customs of the different parties involved.


To address all of these matters, the lawyers at Willems have focused for many years on all aspects of international trade. They assist small and large businesses in handling all issues likely to occur in trading internationally. Our lawyers work from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the United States, as well as the rest of the world.

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International network - Alliance of Business Lawyers

Willems Schmidt Advocaten is one of the founders and a long-time active member of the Alliance of Business Lawyers. In cross-border matters we work with our colleagues in other countries, and thanks to our years of cooperation and intensive contacts with each other this assures us of a shared philosophy, quality and office efficiency.

At Willems Schmidt, we are dedicated to providing effective assistance, also in foreign jurisdictions. For that reason, we endeavor, where appropriate and required, to also assist in communication and detailed handling of matters referred to our international partners. This enables us to assure quality of service and monitor timeframes and costs. For more information you can visit the ABL website

Doing international and cross-border business

Since a considerable time, Willems Schmidt Advocaten & Rechtsanwälte has specialized in international and cross-border law, with a focus on advising and litigating for enterprises, entrepreneurs and private individuals on all kinds of international and cross-border issues. This allows Willems Schmidt to assist clients in all legal aspects of doing business, living and working, from the Netherlands, Europe, the United States and many other parts of the world.


Assuring high-quality services is of paramount importance. Our number one consideration is to provide expert and appropriate advice and assistance domestically and internationally. Our expertise lies in understanding and knowing local and international laws and relevant customs, while delivering a solid assessment of the prevailing situation and advising and acting with due observance of legal possibilities appropriate to the situation in hand. Our professionals will personally advise and assist you in all facets of doing business, living and working in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States.



To provide assistance in other countries, Willems Schmidt works closely with local professionals in Europe and elsewhere through an active international network. Out links with local professionals many parts of the world allow Willems Schmidts’ professionals to offer expert and appropriate advice in other countries.


At Willems Schmidt we attach great importance to quality, expertise and appropriateness. Our lawyers working for you will also handle matters that local professionals in Europe or other parts of the world are dealing with on behalf of us or our clients. This way of working enables us to provide advice and assistance in line with the quality, expertise and appropriateness pursued by Willems Schmidt in Europe and large parts of the world, with the same counselor at Willems Schmidt as your single point of contact.